PPG Minutes: 14th December 2023

Present - Karen Nash (KN) - Practice Manager, Deborah Roberts (DR) - Business Manager, Jeff Cunliffe (JC) - PPG Chair, Tony Hazeldine (TH) - Deputy Chair, Stephanie Cruickshank (SC), Diane Koupepides (DK), Valerie Marsh (VM), Jeannine Newman (JN), Stella Stocker (SS)

  1. The Chair welcomed everyone and advised that Apologies for Absence had been received from Theresa McFarlane (Secretary). The Chair agreed to take the Minutes.
  2. The Minutes of the previous full meeting were agreed and the group was advised that the Chair and Deputy Chair had a Teams meeting with the Practice representatives in the intervening period but no notes had been circulated.
  3. KN gave an update on the planned introduction of the ANIMA on-line platform which is now scheduled for 1st March 2024 when patients phoning to request appointments will be led through an algorithm/series of questions to determine whether an appointment:
    • Is needed or whether an alternate course is more appropriate e.g. Pharmacist
    • Is urgent or can be scheduled
  4. A team will be set up from January 2024 to inform patients and roll out the new procedure by initially answering patient phone calls (as now) and going through the algorithm with patients to point them in the right direction. Eventually it is the intention that patients will go directly through the on line procedure themselves but Receptionists will still be available to assist those patients who are not computer literate.
  5. The introduction of the ANIMA platform should result in the more efficient use of appointments and better utilisation of the Reception resources as the time spent on the phone with each patient should reduce therby leaving them available for alternative tasks
  6. TH requested that the PPG be informed and involved in every stage of the roll out. KN Agreed.
  7. KN provided a Staffing Update:
    • 3 new Receptionists - 1 staff/2 locums
    • 1 HCA off on long term sick and another HCA leaving to travel (hopefully returning in 2 months)
    • Planning to train 3 Receptionists as Phlebotomist
    • Advance Nurse Practitioners - Mohammed (locum) is back with us
    • Doctors - No change
  8. The KPI's circulated by DR were briefly discussed with particular attention being paid to the DNAs (missed appointments) which were almost 6% in November '23. This is really disappointing and a concern as these could have been available to other patients. The PPG asked what action the Practice is/could take to reduce this level significantly at the earliest opportunity and JC asked whether it would be possible to contact those who regularly miss or have multiple DNAs in advance to remind patients/cancel appointments to make them available to other patients. KN confirmed she and DR would look into the actions the Practice can take. It was suggested the number (also as a %age of total) of missed appointments is displayed on the video screens in the surgeries and on the website.
  9. KN advised that the Practice, led by DR and the lead nurse, achieved a 99.3% pass rate in the recent review of Infection Control Measures - a result that was well received by the PPG. The flooring of the type in Purley waiting room is to be laid in other areas where needed.
  10. KN advised of an upcoming review by the CQC which will be more focused on the Practice staff.
  11. DR advised that the Practice had not been successful in a bid to seek finance to enable the extensive loft space in the Purley surgery to be better utilised.
  12. KN advised that a PCN initiative to hold Group Consultations will be introduced from January 2024. Focusing initially on Diabetes, the intention, as with other Practices, is to extend this to other ailments in the future e.g. Atrial Fibrillation, Heart Disease etc. Groups of circa 10 patients will attend a 1 hour session run by a Facilitator and Administrator who will review patients progress and concerns and provide a clinician (Dr Khan, Dr Farooq or Nicky Sutherland) with a summary of the queries/issues which they will discuss with the group in the same session. This will be a more efficient use of Practice clinical staff as 20 minute individual Diabetes appointments for circa 10 patients will be replaced by a single 1 hour session. It will also enable group support and learning.
  13. KN confirmed that records of deceased patients have to be kept for 10 years.
  14. KN confirmed that if a Patient requests the facility to be set up in Patient Access they can view the notes a clinician inputs into their medical records.
  15. AOB
    • JC advised he had received an invite from Gordon Kay (Health Watch) for WM PPG to join the Croydon PPG Network which JC had accepted and had forwarded the names of VM and SC to be our representatives at the new group's meetings. Gordon Kay to be invited to attend one of our own meetings during Qtr 1 2024. 
    • The meeting discussed the issue of referrals to the MSK system raised by VM and SS referred to a message by one of the Doctors on the telephone 'hold' system about the choice to visit a small injuries clinic. KN/DR will look into this as the only local clinic of this type is at The Dene in Caterham.
    • JC asked KN/DR to produce a list of activities/actions they would like the PPG to undertake/support in 2024 and he asked each PPG member to identify initiatives they would like the PPG to undertake and which they would be willing to lead/drive. Please advise JC by the end of January 2024.
  16. Date of Next Meeting - KN and DR to suggest dates for meetings by Teams in January and February 2024 and an AGM/Open Meeting date in March 2024. Topics for the Open Meeting to be suggested but it may be useful to include/concentrate on explaining how ANIMA will operate.