Service We Provide

Blood Taking (Phlebotomy)  

The practice provides a full phlebotomy service for all patients (children, under the age of 16, or who are having their first blood test, should attend the Willows Unit at Croydon University Hospital. Appointments can be made by calling 020 8401 3177). Our phlebotomists will take blood tests from children aged 16 or over at their discretion.

Phlebotomy is available Monday to Friday by appointment, at both our Purley and Coulsdon surgeries.

blood taking

All blood tests are in the morning only as the samples have to be collected for Croydon University Hospital laboratory by lunchtime each day. 



travel immunisations

Travel Immunisation   

If you intend to go abroad on holiday or business you may need the protection of travel vaccinations and/or Malaria tablets.  This is not a service we are required to provide under our contract of medical provision but we recognise that it is sought after by many of our patients.  

Consequently we have decided to provide specific travel clinics at our Foxley Lane surgery. These are run by nurse Nicki Morgan. 

A travel clinic is a specialist service and our nurses have been trained to provide expert service. Therefore we only provide appointments for travel immunisations in the travel clinics and, if these appointments are all taken, patients will have to access a private clinic instead (details available at reception). We are a recognised Yellow Fever Centre.  



Adult Immunisation 

Five doses of diphtheria, tetanus and polio are now considered sufficient to provide lifelong immunity (three immunisations for babies at two, three and four months, booster at three - five years and booster at 15-16 years). If someone sustains a 'tetanus-prone wound' after their last booster, they should seek medical advice.  

Flu vaccine is available from September each year and is targeted at the over 65s and those with chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, COPD and stroke. Immunisation against pneumonia is also available for the over 65s or those with chronic chest conditions.


adult immunisation


Antenatal Clinic

By appointment with the doctor



Asthma Clinic

By appointment with the doctor


Cervical Screening (smear) Clinic 

By appointment with the nurse



COPD Clinic

By appointment with the doctor


Diabetic Clinic

Monday and Tuesday at Purley and Wednesday at Coulsdon, by appointment with the nurse


Ear Irrigation

We offer an ear irrigation service, however, please note the following:

  • If you have had a history of ear infection or glue ear then you must wait 6 weeks before irrigation
  • Patients must be 18 or over
  • Please use olive oil drops in the ear twice a day for 2 weeks before irrigation
  • If you require both ears to be irrigated at the same time, then please book a double appointment
  • Should you have any of the following conditions, we apologise, but ear irrigation unfortunately cannot be performed: history of perforation in the past 20 years; severe tinnitus; mastoid cavities/grommets; cleft palate; learning disabilities or if you have had surgery on ears then you need to be referred for micro suction ENT.

Please ask to speak to one of our nurses if you require any further advice on ear irrigation.


Minor Surgery

We provide a full range of minor surgical procedures. These include removal of lumps and bumps, joint injections, cryotherapy (freezing) for skin problems and insertion of HRT implants. Ask your doctor.


Family Planning   

We are happy to deal with all contraceptive matters and fit coils and contraceptive implants. If you would like to have a coil/implant fitted, please read this advice about recommended timings so that you can book your appointment at the appropriate stage. If you see any doctor in ordinary surgery they are all fully qualified to give general contraceptive advice should you not be able to attend this clinic. Patients who are not registered with our practice are welcome to attend solely for contraceptive advice


Menopause Clinic

By appointment with the family planning doctor


Over 75 Check-Up

Those patients aged over 75 and who haven't seen a doctor or nurse for more than 12 months are entitled to a check-up performed by a trained health care professional. Ask at reception


Postnatal Clinic

By appointment with the doctor


Physiotherapy Service

Our experienced First Contact Physiotherapist has the advanced skills necessary to assess, diagnose and recommend appropriate treatment for problems that affect your neck, back, joints or muscles. They act as your first point of contact and offer advice and referrals for further treatment and scans.


Social Prescribing Service

Our Social Prescriber can connect you with a range of non-clinical programmes, services and events in our local community – like walking groups, mental health counselling, debt management advice, employability skills, volunteering and family fitness


child immunisation

Child Development and Vaccination Clinic

We feel strongly that everyone would benefit from this vaccination programme and we are totally confident with all the vaccines. If you choose not to vaccinate your child, it is important to understand the risks involved - please click here to read further information. 


The childhood vaccinations are now given in rapid succession at two, three and four months to protect small babies from whooping cough and haemophilus (Hib) infections. It is very important that your child has these vaccinations.

There are only a few reasons for not vaccinating a child. If you are concerned that your child should not have a vaccination on a particular day, perhaps because they are unwell, please bring them to the surgery so that the doctor can assess whether or not to do the vaccination. It is very rare for a child not to be able to have the whooping cough vaccine. There is very real danger of your baby being damaged if they contract whooping cough in the first year of life.

Children over 14 months can be given the meningitis C injections as a single dose up to the age of 18.

Please note: if anyone other than the mother or married father (e.g. grandparent/unmarried father/au pair/nanny) is bringing the child for an immunisation, they must bring a signed permission letter to the appointment from the mother of the child.