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What is Anima?

Anima seamlessly and confidentially integrates with your medical record bringing improvements to how you access care and appointments and how our staff assess your condition. Anima allows our Clinical Triage Team to continue to improve access times by helping us to direct you to the most appropriate care for your medical needs. This ensures we make use of our resources in the most safe and efficient way. All appointments will continue to be offered according to clinical urgency and need.

Your request will be handled in exactly the same manner whether you complete the Anima request online yourself, or contact us via telephone, where our receptionists will ask the same questions to ensure equity of access for all patients. We would encourage all patients who can do so to use Anima, as this will prevent you needing to queue on the telephone and keep lines free for those who do not have internet access. Completing an Anima request yourself also provides you with more discretion should you prefer not to discuss your medical problem with one of our receptionists.



What are the benefits to me as a patient?

As a patient you will benefit from:

  • Being able to log on to see the status and outcomes of your current and past requests.
  • You will be asked questions based on your issues (asked without medical jargon)
  • You can use the system in a number of languages
  • Your medical records will be more complete for the future
  • The practice responses will be clearer
  • You will receive a text message and email to let you know when the practice has responded
  • You can provide all the information that the practice needs without waiting on the phone



What are the benefits to the practice?

As a practice, Woodcote Medical will benefit from:

  • We will see your request in a clear structured format
  • We will be able to save all the information about your requests in a structured way into your medical records – this will help staff when looking at your records for this episode of care or in the future
  • As patients can see the status of their request, we should get less duplicates that clog up the system
  • Your requests will be clear to understand at first glance, so the team will be able to allocate correct people, thus making our turn around more efficient
  • Your requests will come into our system with a Red, Amber, Green rating with clear information about what responses have triggered the rating. This will allow the team to focus on any urgent requests
  • We will be able to provide clearer responses due to the way that Anima builds the response as we perform actions. These responses will be safer as well as it will be secured behind a log in.

Do I need to do anything?

You will need to register to use Anima. This can be done here:

You can either set up an account by using an email address and creating a password or you can use your NHS App credentials to log in. Once your account has been set up, you can submit requests to the practice.


Frequently asked questions

Please click here for further information about Anima and to view some helpful videos on how to get started.


Anima help

Please use the Anima Support Centre or email before you call us.