updated at 09:01am on 28/06/2021

by Anonymous

Helpful reception and nurses

My husbands visit today was so professional and friendly I can not fault this surgery in any way. The new nurse was so kind and the lady on reception at Purley with a really happy smiling face … to be fair they all were so lovely just wish my parents who live far away had such an amazing surgery as Woodcote I am so grateful to you all oh and the lady that did my BP and ECG you were so lovely too thanks Woodcote keep up the amazing work.

Visited in June 2021, Posted on 23 June 2021

by Anonymous

Amazing receptionists

Now doctors receptionists normally get a bad review, rating or reputation but hear girls on the desk are second to none, the telephones are always answered within a few rings and despite all being under so much pressure during covid, they have shown nothing but professionalism, courtesy and kindness, truly amazing these days to be dealt with like they care about you and your feelings Thank you all so so much.

Visited in June 2021, Posted on 23 June 2021

by Sanjay

Great service - they listen to feedback!

I have previously complained about the length of time to get through on the phone, but over the last few weeks this has improved massively. My call this morning was answered within seconds and my email to the surgery last week was also answered immediately. Thank you - you're providing a great service.

Visited in May 2021, Posted on 18 May 2021

by Anonymous

Please help the receptionist

My husband attended the surgery this morning to see the nurse for a regular injection. As usual he received an excellent service. Whilst standing outside, I noticed a young man trying to barge into the surgery. He started swearing under his breath when he realised he had to ring the bell. When he entered the surgery he was not wearing a mask. I believe there was an exchange between him and the receptionist about his refusal to wear a mask and refusal to produce any evidence that he was exempt. The receptionist was polite at all times. When he left the surgery my husband said he was again swearing at the receptionist under his breath- still no mask. The receptionist apparently handled the incident very well, but staff should not have to deal with this during this difficult time.

Visited in October 2020, Posted on 12 October 2020