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by Anonymous

Wonderful Helpful People, Thank You !!

Thank you to everyone at Woodcote Medical Purley. Always there to help, even when they are super busy. Wonderful doctors, and really lovely reception staff who always have the time to help, reassure and advice.
You all make a difference in improving our lives, despite at times having very challenging work , you are always there for us.
Thank you most sincerely.

Visited in August 2022, Posted on 01 August 2022

by Anonymous

Medical Support Service Second to None

I have a number of long-term issues the latest of which started in February 2022.
I contacted the surgery for medical intervention by the Nursing team who had dealt with similar issues previously, but not as severe. The administration staff arranged a phone consult that day with a Nurse who specialises in my condition. She arranged a face-to-face appointment the following day and then began a long haul of sometimes painful and scary situations in treating my condition.
It became clear that further external expert advice was needed which was duly organised with photographic and online evidence being passed to these specialist services for further advice. There were a number of experts involved in the recommendation on treatment routes to take to cure my issue. Indeed, at one point it was felt that I would need intervention by the local A&E, but they decided that intervention should continue with my GP surgery, who continued to review, change and manage my condition.
Finally, with insistence of the surgery Nursing team a physical face-to-face intervention was arranged by the Tissue Viability Team, who had been monitoring and offering advice and medical recommendations and with the care and professional support of the Doctors and particularly the surgery Nursing team and at least two visits per week to the surgery throughout those five months my condition has now healed.
During that period, Surgery GP’s have interrupted their daily appointments to physically review my condition when requested by the Nurses, who felt it necessary. They would consider the next approach to treating my condition.
I can only say how appreciative I am for the medical support and interventions I have received throughout the treatment of my condition and even when things looked bad, they battled through, boosting my hope that the issue could be stopped, and I would indeed get back to being health again. I like the main points from this is I had a joined-up approach to my treatment with continuity of support from the medical staff and their external supporting specialist, without that I firmly believe that things could have turned out differently
I mustn’t forget also the help of the administration staff who helped with appointments, tests etc. Thank you all for your continued support but particularly during the last five months.

Visited in June 2022, Posted on 27 June 2022

by Anonymous

Excellent Vaccination

My children had their covid boosters last week there were plenty of appointments they were seen on time and the whole process was very efficient .
Thank you

Visited in December 2021, Posted on 20 December 2021

by KC NHS appreciator

Excellent GP phone appointment

My GP phoned me on time and gave me excellent patient orientated care. I felt listened to and understood. I was given time, options and discussion on my treatment. Thank you.

Visited in September 2021, Posted on 24 September 2021